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Price Lists

The prices listed above are *starting prices* and final prices are dependent on the add-ons, if any, of your choosing. If you have any question, would like a consult, or want to request an exact quote, please do so before starting services. We also request that you read our policies prior to being serviced. They are located next to the price list.

Basic Mani* $22+

+ with take off gel $27

+ with take off dip $30

+ with reg. french $25

+ Zen mani $45

Basic Pedi* $35+

+ with take off gel $45

+ french regular polish $44

Gel Polish Mani

Regular $34, French $44

dip removal and gel mani $45

Gel Polish Pedi*

Regular $54, French $64

Zen Pedi*  $72

Sports Pedi* $52

Deluxe Pedi* $52

Add gel polish to any spa pedicure +$20

*Please specify at booking or schedule permitting*


Regular French

Gel polish removal on hands +$7 Toes +$10

Extra Callus care +$10

Paraffin Treatment +$10

E-file on thickened nails +$5

Add-Ons | Nail Enhancements

Regular French Polish $7

Nail design $5 + and up per design

More than 1 color/ sparkles/ glitter matte + $5

Long nails $5+ *

Coffin/Stiletto/ Almond Shape  + $5

Sand off gel polish on enhancements + $5

Add on cuticle trim on enhancements + $10

Nail enhancement removal (w/new set) + $10

Just polish/ polish change Regular Polish

$12 Hands | $17 Feet | French $17

Just polish gel/gel polish change(hands)

Color $24 | French $34

Gel polish/ polish change (toes)

Color $37+ | French $40

Acrylic polish change gel Color $27

Acrylic polish/change regular Color $15

Just Trim + File $18 Hands | $14 feet | *no polish*

Individual Nail Fix/ Repair $5 per nail

Gel Polish Mani+ Basic Pedi* $70
Basic mani+pedi $55

Dip without extension $57
Dip with extensions $62
French Dip without extensions $62+

+ $5 cuticle trim
+ $5 cofin/almond/ stilleto/ long
+ $3 per individual extension

*Fresh set each time, no fill ins or polish changes*
Dip powder removal only $10


New full set of Acrylics with gel polish $55+11
Fill in with gel polish $42
+Almond, Stiletto, Long, coffin, French add $5,
Nail repairs +$3/nail** Take off old set + $10

**Prices do not include shape. Longer lengths require more product therefore will cost more. If you have any questions, would like a consult, or want to request an exact quote, please do so before starting services**


Nail Enhancement Removal $15+ to take off acrylics / $20 to soak off acrylics**
**Soaking off acrylics will take up to 1 hour without other services ** Appointment required*


Princess/ Prince Polish hands + toe $25 No soak, file, buffer, and polish*
Princess/ Prince Pedi $32 
Includes soak, trim, file, gentle scrub, massage, warm towel
Princess/ Prince Mani $17 Includes soak, trim, file, massage, warm towel, polish*
Princess/ Prince Mani Pedi $49 Includes soak, trim, file, massage, warm towel, polish*
Princess/ Prince Gel mani /Princess/ Prince Gel pedi $30 hands/ $50 toes
**Ages 10 and under only, Two colors, max, designs/ not included**


 All services are completely optional and have been requested by the individual, agent of an individual or party host on behalf of his/her guests. Zen Nail Salon and Spa INC, makes every effort to ensure that clients are not subjected to any bacterial/fungal infections by disinfecting all non-disposable tools in hospital-grade disinfectant and then autoclaving tools. The Client releases us of any and all liability as a direct or indirect result of services rendered.

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