A letter from us:

"Nail Salons and the public perception" 


"We work really hard to do better, to be better, for everyone"


Nail salons have always been about convenience. There are an abundance of salons in every town and city. With so many options, how do you know what is right for you? In 2018, there were 54,386 nail salons and 395,600 nail professionals.


Lets think about the majority of salons. They almost always take walk ins and you never get turned away. It is always a "5 minute wait they say". Salon owners feel immense and intense pressure to keep the prices low, to say yes to everyone, and to never keep clients waiting. They're fast, cheap, and very accessible but at what cost? You walk into a salon and the smell takes over. The TV is blaring. Kids are running everywhere. The clients don't even view their nail professionals as people. The atmosphere is not set up for relaxation or enjoyment. It's a no win situation. I've seen it countless times. In college I used to get my nails done frequently at salons all over Boston and Newton where I was going to school. It was shocking , and eye opening and scary at times. So what if it could be different?

Zen Nail Spa opened in 2016. We wanted to change the public perception of nail salons, their nail professionals, and we wanted people to respect our craft and our livelihood. So what did we do differently?


We are a nail SPA. We play relaxation music. The Tv is not blaring and we don't have clients wait. And we shockingly, turn people away when we cannot take them. We utilize as natural of products as possible. We have a state of the art "Renew air ventilation system" which is completely separate from our regular HVAC system. The salon is closed on Mondays which is mandatory for all nail professionals so that we can regroup and rest. We require appointments to be booked in advance. It is so easy to do things the wrong way, but we stick to our values. 

Our salon has been open for three years now and it has not always been easy to implement these changes but it has been worth it. Even if no one else decides to change, we feel fulfilled and happy that we are making a small difference for the professionals and clients that choose to receive services at our salon. If you are a new client looking to get services, welcome. If you are already apart of the Zen family, thank you. We have a very loyal client base. They get it, they LOVE IT and its amazing and we are so lucky. We are endlessly grateful. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. While we are not perfect and can't guarantee that we are the exact right fit for you, we want you to know that we care about what we do, and the policies and procedures are to keep everyone safe and comfortable. 

With love and gratitude,



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